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Like Kafka's Metamorphosis, I, Cockroach asks the question, "how can a human turn into a cockroach?" In this case, it's for love. 

I, Cockroach was performed as part of Nox Arca Theatre's Evening of One Acts, in conjunction with Reutan Collective and A Dead Whale Productions.

Production Details:

Nox Araca Theatre 

September 13th - 29th 2018


Director: Madison Smith, Playwright: Irene L Pynn, Stage Manager: Lili Bjorklund, Lighting Design: Charles Blunt, Sound Design: Nick Strauss, Poster Design: Bridget Vacha 

Cast: Steve Bryant (Roach), Elaina Henderson (Margaret), Elliot Lerner (Joe), Ashlyn Seehafer (Blaine), Tim Huggenberger (Roach Understudy) 

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