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Part Monty Python, part Waiting for Godot - Sabir and Katar defend the empire from atop the wall separating the Great Plain from the Barren Plain. Unfortunately they've forgotten which plain is which. They’re going to have to figure it out quick: there are riders approaching on both sides, the wolfing hour is closing in and Sabir keeps stopping to talk to his helmet.

Helmut's Big Day was performed as part of Nox Arca Theatre's Evening of One Acts, in conjunction with Reutan Collective and Otherworld Theatre Co.

Production Details:

Nox Araca Theatre 

September 8th - 23rd 2017


Director: Madison Smith, Playwright: James Odin Wade, Fight Choreography: Danny Dauphin, Stage Manager: Sarah McMillan, Set Design and Construction: Theron Seckington, Lighting Design: Charles Blunt, Sound Design: Nick Strauss, Poster Design: Bridget Vacha 

Cast: Jake Baker (Sabir), Matt Lamson (Katar)

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