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S. Ansky wrote The Dybbuk in 1914 after embarking on a 4 year ethnographic expedition across Eastern Europe collecting folk songs, stories and artifacts. Stories about dybbuks, or the wandering spirit of the deceased capable of possessing living people, were prevalent in each Jewish community he visited. 


Ansky’s The Dybbuk takes place in one such small Jewish community. Leah and Channan are a set of star-crossed lovers, unable to be together because Leah’s father, Sender has promised her to another man. Boundaries between the natural and supernatural are tested as Channon turns to mysticism to win his love back at any cost and the appearance of a dybbuk makes them question what claim the dead have over the living. 


Production Details:

The Cornservatory

September 11th-October 4th of 2014


Director: Madison Smith, Playwright: S. Ansky, Set Design: Gordon Granger, Sound Design: Matt Orenstein, Lighting Design: Brandon Gelvin, Stage Management: Sara Beaman, Assistant Stage Management: Ben Adams, Running Crew: Ryan Rabstejnek and Clare Carl


Cast: Ben Bornstein (Channon), Laura Jewell (Leah), James Bould (Sender), Mary Mikva (Frade), Charlet Dupar (Gittel), Nick Strauss (Messenger), Doug Savitt (Reb Azrael/3rd Batlonim), Brian Boller (Reb Samson/Chennoch), Adam Overberg (Menashe/1st Batlonim/Hasid 1 & 2), Jacob Roush (Meyer/Reb Mendel/Hasid 3 & 4), Jack Burr (Nachmon/2nd Batlonim), Joe Anderson (Michoel/Asher), Kelsey Lappa (Hannah Esther/Wedding Guest/Beggar Woman)

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