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Helvetica Burke was one of the most famous and respected children's authors in the world. Her books had captivated millions, but the life she led wasn't quite a storybook affair. Through the eyes of her beloved stuffed bar, Myron, we see the three women she was - the past, present and future of the person no one knew.

Production Details:

Nox Arca Theatre 

May 2nd - June 1st 2019


Director: Madison Smith, Playwright: K Willow Coleman, Choreography: Sam Sieghart, Stage Manager: Lili Bjorklund,  Sound Design: Matt Orenstein, Light Design: Charlie Blunt, Scenic Construction: Mitchell Boyd Chapman, Scenic Painting: Alex Cassillas, Poster Design: Bridget Vacha, Videography and Production Photos: Steve Bryant

Cast: Brianna Joy Ford (Past Helvetica, Wooden Ballerina), Rae Hamilton-Vargo (Present Helvetica), Lily Savauge (Future Helvetica), Mac Westcott (Myron), Nick Strauss (Father, Doctor, Shelter Worker), Emma Palizza (Mother, Patient, Illustrator), Adam Mengesha (Husband, Agent, Queen's Advisor)

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