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From the case files of the brilliant and handsome detective, Max Forthright comes… A MURDER MOST NOVEL! The legendary gumshoe and his tenacious partner in crime-stopping, Bernadette Hargreaves, will encounter their most dangerous case yet: hosting a dinner party! But this party meant to celebrate the publishing of Max Forthright’s memoirs turns deadly when his guests begin turning up dead! How will the master detective uncover the murderer when he was the one who invited all the suspects? Danger! Intrigue! Sensuality! Garden pest removal tips! 

Gather around your radio set and stoke your fireplace for yet another thrilling adventure tale of Max Forthright and Bernadette Hargreaves!

Production Details:

Nox Arca Theatre 

November 7  - December 14, 2019


Director: Madison Smith, Playwright: Alex Butschli Stage Manager: Lili Bjorklund,  Original Music and Accompaniment: Andrew Milliken, Light Design: Charlie Blunt, Poster Design: Bridget Vacha, Production Photos: Steve Bryant

Cast: Guy Wicke (Max Forthright), Elaina Henderson (Bernadette Hargreaves), Nick Strauss (Mordecai Van Der Wright and Others), Steve Bryant (Roman Powell and Others), Taylor Toms (Ainsley Hyde and Others), Elliot Lerner (Franklin Goggins and Others), Katie Incardona (Genevieve Wrankle and Others), Grant Alsup (Percy Galavanter and Others), with Foley and Music by Andrew Milliken and Lili Bjorklund

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