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After the sudden death of her father, June Muldoon writes a letter to God, begging him to send a healer so that no one else in Gray, Indiana wil die ever again. Her prayer is answered when Dr Galen P Gray crash-lands his hot air balloon just outside town. Seeing their need for a doctor, and the coincidence of his and the town's name, he agrees to stay. Dr. Gray and the citizens of Gray flourish as he heals them of everything from arthritis to indigestion and he and Rebecca Muldoon, June's mother, begin to grow close to one another. Soon, a mysterious plague begins to spread, Dr. Gray doesn't know the cause and the townspeople fear it might be the good doctor's doing.


Set in 1880, Jim Leonard's Anatomy of Gray deals with death, loss, love and coming-of-age in a uniquely funny and heart-breaking way. 


Production Details

The Charnel House

August 13th- 29th of 2015


Director: Madison Smith, Playwright: Jim Leonard, Set Design: Theron Seckington, Scenic Design: Brandin Hurley, Original Music & Sound Design: Matt Orenstein, Lighting Design: Stephanie Vera, Costumes by: Beth Pauze and Martha Shuford, Stage Manager: Jordan Weed, Asst Stage Manager: Shelby Krarup, Poster by: Bridget Vacha


Cast: Elizabeth Stenholt (June), Nick Strauss (Galen Gray), Amber Page (Rebekah), Stephen Garrett (Crutch), Danielle Mohrbach (Belva), Jeff Watkins (Pastor Wingfield), Emma Palizza (Tiny), Carla Joseph (Maggie), Tom Wojcik (Homer)



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