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very still & hard to see is a short play cycle recounting the history of a cursed hotel and the unfortunate guests who stayed there. From riding in an erratic elevator and dealing with possessive ghosts to managing an ever-expanding hole in the floor armed only with cleaning supplies, these encounters with the unknown chillingly collapse the distance between the real and the surreal and remind us that, sometimes, bad things do happen for a reason... 


Production Details:

Gorilla Tango Bucktown - Artists in Residence

February 23rd - March 18th 2017


Director: Madison Smith, Playwright: Steve Yockey, Set Design: Theron Seckington, Sound Design: Matt Orenstein, Lighting Design: Charles Blunt, Stage Management: Jordan Weed, Production Assistant: Emma Palizza, Poster Design: Bridget Vacha, 


Cast: Nick Strauss (Buck, Kami, Shikigami, Canary), Katherine Bellantone (Obake, Mud Woman), Tim Huggenberger (Sam, Ethan, Guest), Iris Kohler (Kami, Betty, Violet), Thomas Tong (Jasper, Franklin, David), Joette Waters (Edith, Shikigami, Punch) & Elaina Henderson (Kimberly, Ginger, Simone)

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